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kasama virtual world

Videoconferencing in 3D

The tool for more interactive video conferencing

Check it out. Request your free trial access for Kasama today!

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3D world for trade shows, conferences, and events 

Put an end to boring videoconferences!

Bring your employees or conference attendees together in the virtual world of Kasama for a unique, interactive event with a great fun factor. Completely without VR glasses, allow your participants to move freely in a completely virtual environment and network just like in real life, exchange technical information, meet new colleagues or visit the trade fair booths. And you can do all this without wasting much time: the virtual world is ready for use immediately!

Book a demo today and explore the virtual conference and trade fair environment with a virtual tour!

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A variety of use cases

Use Kasama for your event, whether it is a trade fair, conference, congress or corporate event. 


Trade Fairs

Are you a trade fair organizer looking for an attractive location?

In the Kasama expo hall, over 100 trade fair exhibitors can present themselves at preconfigured stands and interact with thousands of participants. Attending in the form of avatars, visitors can enjoy walking through the expo hall, find out more about every exhibitor and make new connections. Just like at a real trade fair!

Congresses & Conferences

Are you a congress organizer and want to offer something very special to your participants?

Kasama takes your conferences to a whole new level. Attending as their own personalized Avatars, participants can get in touch with others very easily and playfully. A wide variety of rooms offer the right setting for every format, may it be 1000 participants in one of the auditoriums or 100 participants in small interactive working groups.

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(social and corporate)

You are an event, PR or marketing agency? You have your events all ready to go, but now want to go digital?

We are here to help! You can hold your impressive events on the virtual island of Kasama. A virtual beach stage, soccer field, team games and interactive ice breakers, anything is possible on Kasama and most common tools can linked here! Want to know more? Book a tour with us and see how your events could be event better on Kasama.

Virtual office and meeting space

Looking for a virtual office for your remotely distributed teams?

Kasama offers a wide range of rooms for small and large meetings, shareholder meetings, scrum or agile workshops, as well as permanent offices for distributed teams to meet. Equipped with up to three screens, even complex content can be easily presented. Let us show you our premises. There are no limits to your ideas for use.

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360° audio, virtual exhibition hall, virtual auditorium, team offices and workshop rooms

Perfect preparation for your speakers, exhibitors and participants

We offer customizations and CI-compliant solutions adapted to your event.

Entertaining avatar games for participants and visitors, virtual photographers and team building activities. Anything needed for the success of your event!

Whether you just need our location or support beyond that, we are here for you.

Reserve a virtual tour today!

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Your Advantages on Kasama

Kasama. The Future of Conferencing

Natural, intuitive communication

Natural and pleasant direct interaction with each other through 360° voice communication. Greet your colleague as you pass by or address the speaker after the presentation.

Network - without inhibition

All participants can network just like at real live conferences and trade fairs. The use of avatars lowers the threshold to make contact with strangers.

Short preparation time

The virtual world Kasama is available as a venue at any time and can be booked for your events. Just as easily as you booked a single conference room or a whole congress hall in the past, you can now use our virtual event island.

Without any loss of time and no need to travel for a viewing!

More contact with your target group

It is so important to bring people closer together again. This is exactly where Kasama comes in: Participants can move around freely and naturally spend more time than at conventional virtual conferences. As at a face-to-face event, this offers many opportunities for participants, exhibitors and companies to get in touch with their target groups.

Fun factor and diverse premises

Social venues, such as the beach, roof terrace or stage, provide variety and fun. Excitingly designed spaces, such as sponsor areas, boardrooms, team offices or our complete, virtual exhibition hall have an inviting effect on participants and inspire interaction.

Both Avatar and Webcam optic possible

No need to worry about appearance anymore, because your avatar performs it all for you. Do you still want to be seen live as a speaker? No problem! Just use your webcam as usual.

Intuitive software 

Kasama is a downloadable software for Windows and Mac. We offer additional attendee and event management tools through our combined mobile apps. More information about Kasama system requirements can be found here.

Need more information?

Here you may find a brief overview of our services. A detailed summary of all our services can be downloaded here.

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